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SINCE 1974

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#2015 Frantz Zephirin
60x40' Acrylic on canvas
Coup d'Etat
1994 POR

*The Bourique, (donkey) represents the Haitian people who supported both the military who are represented by the man in the blue uniform and President Aristide who is represented by the rooster. The military is shown as having beheaded itself, symbolizing that it has lost credibility with the population by overthrowing Aristide. From the bloody neck stump of the blue figuresprouts a sapling, symbolizing the frail hope for the future of democracy in Haiti.

This painting was one of three pieces by Zephirin that were featured in the V Bienal in Cuenca, Ecuador in 1997. It is one of his most important paintings to date. For details click here.

This painting will be exhibited in Nottinghan England beginning in October 2012. The show is: Kafou: Haiti, Art and Vodou

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