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SINCE 1974

This is Room Z33. Haitian paintings by Frantz Zephirin

For A Biography and Photograph of Zephirin click here.

# 2619 Frantz Zephirin
20x16" Acrylic on Masonite
"A la femme de ma vie..."
2007 $1350 Framed in painted wood.
SOLD 11/09
* In the bottle is a love letter , from a young man who attempted to reach Miami on a small, unstable boat, to be with his fiance with whom he is deeply in love. He professes his undying devotion to her and as he realizes that he will perish in the shark-infested waters, asks her to name her first male child after him. Complete text of the letter coming soon. Detail below.
#2614 Frantz Zephirin
20x16" Acrylic on Canvas
"Crucifixion Mystique"
2007 Price on request. framed in painted wood

The Trinity: The Father is contained in the cross, bound to represent the fusion between the spiritual and the earthly realm. The son is top left and the Holy Spirit top right.

#2617 Frantz Zephirin
20x16" Acrylic on Masonite
"The Marrriage of Agoue & La Sirene"
2007. $1800 Framed in painted wood
SOLD January 2010
#2618 Frantz Zephirin
20x16"" Acrylic on canvas.
" Becasin La Croix"
2007 $1000 framed in painted wood>

* Becasin La Croix is the daughter of Baron Samedi and Gran Brigitte and the sister of Guede Nibo. She is represented by a 7 headed bird and is being born through the vagina of Gran Brigitte.

#2616 Frantz Zephirin
20x16" Acrylic on masonite
2007 $1800 Framed in painted wood.
SOLD *Dambala, the snake, and Aida Wedo, the bird and his wife are merging, becoming one.
#2615 Frantz Zephirin
20x16" Acrylic on canvas
2007 Framed in wood, painted
SOLD 8/08

*The spirits Dambala and Aida Wedo are being called together by the drum. Their son, Dammessou Wedo is inside of the egg. A procession welcoming him into the earthly relm is emerging from under the sea.

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