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SINCE 1974

This is Room Z27. A Haitian painting by Frantz Zephirin

For A Biography and Photograph of Zephirin click here.

#FZ2210. Frantz Zephirin.
48x48" Acrylic on Canvas with photo paper.
"Les Cycles de la Colonization"
1999. unframed $12,000
SOLD! December 2005

* This is a monumental work. A photo cannot capture the intensity of the painting. The Cycles of Colonization: Physical, mental and spititual, according to Zephirin. Details below.

The painting has a photo of Zephirin, circa 1999, attached to the canvas on his tombstone which is close to that of Philome Obin and Hector Hippolyte in the cemetery of the artists. Picasso is there, along with Dali, Matisse, van Gogh and many other immortals; Zephirin is in good company.
The top third of the painting is occupied by the cemetery of the artists. Zephirin says, " The artists are the witnesses to history; they cannot change it's course but they do observe, record and protest. The artists lived in a paradise of the mind while the people live in the hell of reality."
On the left are the " Conquistadores ancien", Columbus and the French. The people are slaves but living.
On the right are the " Conquistadores moderne", the Americans. The Haitian people are represented by skulls; they have been zombified by 200 years of oppression.
The bottom third of the panting shows the natural world bearing silent witness to the situation.
The visage at the top of the painting symbolizes the cumulative spirit of misery and suffering. The branchlike symbol is the wrath of God; He is angry and someday he will...
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