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SINCE 1974

presents HAITIAN ART: Food for the Spirit
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This is Archive Room Z14. Haitian Paintings by Frantz Zephirin.

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#2091 Frantz Zephirin
12x9" Acrylic on canvas
Medji & Aida Wedo
1998 $475 framed sold June 2001
#1847 Frantz Zephirin
20x16" Acrylic on canvas
Dream of the Future 1986
$475 sold March 2001
The mother and father want their child to be better off than them, so they have built a bridge to the future for the child.
#1900 Frantz Zephirin
24x24" Acrylic on Board
Troupeau d'Elephants
1996 $1300 sold June 2001
#2073 Frantz Zephirin
24x20" acrylic on canvas
"Le Dieu, La Vie et La Morte"
1998 $2400 sold November 2000

The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, each have seven heads, the mystical number. At the top of the painting, two skeletons hold an egg containing a fetus: From death comes life.

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