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SINCE 1974

presents HAITIAN ART: Food for the Spirit
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Haitian Art by Frantz Zephirin

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#2078 Frantz Zephirin
10x8" Acrylic on canvas
"Simbi Grnga"
1998 $350 framed in wood
$375 framed in gold sold

*Simbi Grnga is a vodou god who brings good luck- a hermaphrodite with no hands or feet.

#2074 Frantz Zephirin
16x12" Acrylic on Canvas
"M'ap Cherche La Vie
"Boat People" They think that they see the tall buildings of Miami but it was only rock outcroppings . They crash and will be eaten by the creatures of the sea.
1998 $700 wooden frame
$775 gold frame sold
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