This is Archive Room 55
Haitian Paintings by Stivenson Magloire, that are no longer for sale
To see paintings by Stivenson that are for sale, click here
Stivenson Magloire was born on August 16, 1963 in Petionville. His mother is the painter Louisianne St. Fleurant. Stivenson began to paint at age 10 and progressed through various styles before arriving in his own unique place. His paintings are expressionistic in nature, populated with bizarre people, birds and symbols. He was stoned to death in broad daylight on October 9, 1994 by personal enemies during the chaos that accompanied the first days of the US occupation of Haiti.

#1542 Stivenson Magloire
30x40 acrylic on canvas
1989 Untitled
$3500 framed
sold, May 2000
#1033 Stivenson Magloire
30x40 Acrylic on canvas
1989 untitled
$3500 framed
sold November 1998
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