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A Worthy Project

Jennifer Cheek Pantaléon is a Bay-Area photographer who has spent a lot of time in Haiti over the years.

Years ago she conducted Photo workshops at La Fanmi Selavi, a center for street kids that was started by Jean Bertrand Aristide in 1986. Since the center closed she has continued to work with kids in other venues in Haiti and has recently incorporated as a non-profit called Zanmi Lakay. She and her husband Guy have been doing digital workshops in Jacmel and in Cite Soleil, where the kids don't usually have cameras. But they do have the astonishing creativity that is in Haitian DNA. Go to their website to see the work.

Below are two of Jen's images which are available on postcards. To order some or get more info on the other images or about her project you can email Jen at jetphire@aol.com

but better yet, go to the website

A couple of more Worthy Projects below

All of these projects are helping children.

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