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SINCE 1974

Here's a beautiful and informative book that is a must for anyone with an interest in Vodou. Nancy Turnier Ferere has built the book around stunning paintings she has done of the veves for 34 Lwa of the Vodou pantheon. Each Veve is faced with a page that details the cognomina, or various names by which a Lwa is called, and the attributes, rites and favorite colors of the Lwa as well as a paragraph describing their interests and roles . The book is well-designed and superbly written including the foreward by Marie-Jose Alcide Saint-Lot and an essay by Gerard Ferere. It is a hard cover book on high quality paper, a labor of love that should be included in the collection of anyone who has a regard for the Haitian culture.
" Veve for Agoue" © Nancy Turnier Ferere, 2004
Above is one of the Veve painted for the book. The text is in English, French and Spanish, 102 pages and the price is only $35+ $3.50 shipping in the US and $5 in Canada. You may order the book directly from the author by clicking here.
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