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SINCE 1974

This is Room 29A Haitian Painting by Gerard Saint-Rome

This painting is a mystery. An exceptional Gede painting , it is said by the owner to have been painted in the 1930's.
We dont hear that often. Supposedly it was one of 3 paintings found in an empty house in Haiti.

Update June 18, 2014

The mystery is solved! The painting, titled "Ghede", was painted by Gerard Saint-Rome in the 1930's. He was a legendary Haitian painter and photographer. His son is Claude Mario Saint Rome, a 2nd generation painter and photographer, as well as an important movie producer who still lives in Haiti. His grandson, Claude Andy Saint-Rome Labossiere, is a 3rd generation painter and photographer who now lives in Puerto Rico where he owns an art gallery.
He does have a Facebook page and has authenticated the painting.
This piece, considering the provenance, is extremely rare, and fabulous.


#GSRRK by Gerard St.Rome
45x33 $3000