The Winslow Anderson Haitian Collection

June 12th through September 9, 2004

The Huntington Museum is in Huntington, WV.

Winslow Anderson has travelled to Haiti frequently since 1946. He became a close friend of DeWitt Peters, the co-founder of the Centre d'Art, who helped him select a few choice paintings on his annual trips. DeWitt passed away in 1966, but Winslow continued his art pilgrimages to Haiti until the late 1990's. The collection includes most of the first generation masters that you would expect but thanks to Winslow's discerning eye, there are also scores of wonderful paintings by artists who never made it into the international spotlight. It is a fabulous "accumulation", as Winslow describes it.

The show was curated by Jenine Culligan who has also produced a catalog. Click here to see details on it.

Seneque Obin.
"Abbatoir" The Slaughterhouse.
The show opens on Saturday, June 12th with a reception from 7 to 9pm and features spectacular Haitian drumming by the father & son duo of Bonga and Tiga.

On Sunday, June 13th there will be a gallery walk-through of the show at 2pm conducted by Bill Bollendorf of Galerie Macondo, Pittsburgh, PA

Gabriel Alix: " La Vase Bleu" circa 1959.

On Sunday, July 25th at 2pm, Donald Cosentino will present an illustrated discussion, "A World Made by Magic".

Mr. Cosentino is a professor in the UCLA Department of World Arts and Studies and was the creator of the landmark
" Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou"
show that toured the country a few years ago.

Prefete Duffaut. " Jacmel" 1955

In August a series of Haitian films will be shown at 7pm:

August 3: Haiti; A Painted History.
Discussion follows with Chuck Gruber,
MU associate professor of History

August 10: The Divine Horseman
Maya Deren's Vodou film.
Discussion follows with Dr. Clay McNearney,
MU professor of Religious Studies.

August 17: " The Art of Haiti"
Discussion follows with Winslow Anderson

Rigaud Benoit. " Les Sirenes" 1956
On August 14th, from 6pm to midnight, Summer Sounds, an HMOA tradition will take place. The Winslow Anderson Haitian Collection will be open for viewing from 6 -7pm
On August 24 at 7pm, HMA's David Owens will lead a discussion of Madison Smarrt Bell's book, " All Souls Rising"

On September 19 from 2 to 4pm, Madison Smarrt Bell will appear in person for a lecture, book signing and reading. He is the author of nine novels, including the Haitian Revolutionary Trilogy, " All Souls Rising", Master of the Crossroads" and "The Stone that the Builder Refused".

Montas Antoine. " Pot de Fleurs'