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The Art of Haiti by Rene Haspil

Rene Haspil was born in Port-au-Prince on March 28, 1954. His father was a negotiator and his mother a dressmaker. He grew up in Martissant, near the house of the original market painter, Laurent Casimir. By age 16 he was a student of Casimir. Around 1988, his own style of market painting began to evolve, one that borders on the abstract. He is proud to say that he has never set foot in a museum claiming that his paintings come only from inside his own head. (CPA). Haspil coats his canvases with plaster and then paints over the dried plaster. This imparts a nice depth to the painting.

Sad news, Rene Haspil suffered an incapacitating stroke in the Fall of 2009
and is no longer able to paint.

#2500 Rene Haspil
30x24"" Acrylic over plaster on canvas
2008 $675 framed in wood, blue


#2711 Rene Haspil
30x40". Acrylic & plaster on canvas
2008 $900 framed in painted wood


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