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A gallery of Haitian Art
SINCE 1974

This is Room 11
Haitian Paintings by Wagler Vital

Wagler Vital as a painter was always fresh and interesting. He did some very nice paintings in the mid 80's to mid 90's and sold them to Issa, which is where I got these. The paintings have one thing in common; they are charged with positive energy which emanates into, and possesses, any room in which it is placed.
At some point Wagler switched to making Vodou flags and I have not seen a painting of his in years. These are nice ones.

#1759 Wagler Vital
24x20" Oil on canvas
" En Ville"
$550 framed in a nice wooden frame
SALE $275
#2085 Wagler Vital
24x30 " Acrylic on canvas
"En vil ak ti Chien"
1992 $550 framed in painted wood.
SALE $375
#1805 Wagler Vital
30x40" acrylic on canvas
Les Sirenes
1995 $950 Framed
SOLD 11/08
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