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Haitian Art by Jonas Profil

Profil was born in Fort Liberte, near Cap Haitien on July 22, 1957. His father was a souvenir vendor. At age 18 Jonas took the money given to him for school and bought art supplies. Since that day he has been a painter. Although he now lives and paints in Port-au-Prince, he considers himself a Capois and signs his work 'Cap Haitien". His paintings are wry observations on Haitian life rendered in pale and pastel colors that are unique for Haiti. Many of his paintings are laced with generous doses of fantasy. In Michelle Granjean's wonderful book, Artistes in Haiti, Profil says that his paintings speak uniquely of peace and love. He is a vodouist, and feels that the problems in that religion are caused by men, not the religion.

#2298 Jonas Profil
24x20" Acrylic on Canvas
" Madonna & Child
2000 $1200 framed
SOLD! November 2005

* The painting is an homage to Haitian motherhood. The mother & child are lit like a Pieta- the holes in the ramshackle hut serve as spotlights The giant ear of corn coming up the path implies the existence of hope.

#2106 Jonas Profil
36x24" Acrylic on canvas
" Peaceful Cock"
1998 $1200 framed. SALE $799
SOLD September 2005

* The fighting cock has ascended to the top of the arena and is, to the amazement of the crowd, showering them with flower blossoms.

#2102 Jonas Profil
38x19" Oil on Canvas
"Madame Panye" (The basket Seller" )
1997 $1200 Framed
Sale $699
Sold February 2003
#1943 Jonas Profil
12x16 oil on canvas
Time out
1997 $375 framed sold 6/01
#2088 Jonas Profil
16x12" Acrylic on canvas'
" Gwo Cawo"
1999 $375
Sold September 2003
#1479 Jonas Profil
20x24" Acrylic on Canvas
"Le Mariage"
1992. $900 Framed in wood, painted green.
SALE! $399
SOLD January 2008
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To see some Profils that are for sale, click here.