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A Gallery of Haitian Art
SINCE 1974

This is Room 62
Haitian Paintings by Henri-Claude Obin

H.C. Obin was born on December 8, 1949 in Cap Haitien. He painted in the classic Cap Haitien style that was originated by his father, Philome Obin. He lived in New York city for decades and died there of abdominal cancer on December 19, 2000.

# 183C Henri-Claude Obin
24x32" Oil on masonite
" Epoque Carnaval"
$3800 Framed in simple wooden frame
SOLD Feb. 2010

#HCO261. Henri-Claude Obin
10x12" Oil on masonite
"La Ville"
1980 $450 Framed in painted wood.
Sale! $200 * SOLD!
HCO 2802MM. Henri Claude Obin
20x24" Oil on masonite
"Un Combite Sarcle"
1978 $2800 Framed in wood, painted
#HCO2804MM. Henri Claude Obin
16x20" Oil on masonite.
"Apres le Leve du Matin"
1978 $1800 framed in painted wood,
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