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presents HAITIAN ART: Food for the Spirit
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Haitian Art by Frantz Zephirin

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#2107 Frantz Zephirin
8x10' acrylic on canvas
"The Mouse Cafe'
1998 $350 framed
*After Le Chat eats his lunch,
he's going to eat the waiters
#2090 Frantz Zephirin
12x9" acrylic on masonite
'Aida Wedo"
1998 $475 framed sold
Aida Wedo is the wife of Damballah, his good side. She has the ability to assume the form of any animal, bird or fish. In this painting, she is metamorphasing into a bird.
#2080 Frantz Zephirin
16x12 Acrylic on canvas
"Aida Wedo"
1998 $700 Wood Frame
$775 Gold Frame

* Aida Wedo is the wife of Damballah. She is his good side. She is also the angel of love who has affected the giraffes- they are in love. Damballah is represented in the painting by the serpent at the top. Agoue is a close friend of Aida and is represented by the fish at the top left.

#2161 Frantz Zephirin
10x8" Acrylic on Canvas
"Dosu Marassa Gemini"
1999 $450 framed SOLD May 2003
#2077 Frantz Zephirin
10x8 acrylic on canvas
Christopher Columbus, thinking about travelling.
1998 $350 Framed Sold
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