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A Gallery of Haitian Art
SINCE 1974

This is Room 75A Haitian Art by Janet Sanon

In Janet's own words: " Was born in February 1962 in Haiti. I came from an art family, my mother and all of my 5 brothers. I completed my first canvas at the age of 11, which was in 1973. The first painting was bought by the Gallery Monnin- overjoyed and encouraged by an overwhelming reception I continued to paint. In 1974 I went to " Centre d'Art". But still at this time I considered painting as just a pastime, staying in school was my main priority. It wasn't until in the early 80's that I started to take things seriously. From 1980 I exhibited in France, Italy and US. In 1983 I won second prize in a poster contest sponsered by Air France. From 1983 I became one of Haiti's most sophisticated painters.

Janet Sanon is featured in the book " Haitian Artists in America"

#077 Janet Sanon
14x11" Oil on Masonite
Scene Rurale
1991 $275 Framed. SOLD August 2004
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