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SINCE 1974

This is Room 57D. A Haitian painting by Mario Montilus
According to the book, "Haitian Artists", published by APAM in 2004, Montilus was born in 1961 in Port-au-Prince and spent his childhood in Leogane. He began to paint when he was 18, and was for a short time, taught by an artist named Pierre Chery. Mostly however, Montilus taught himself to paint and from looking at his work one would have to conclude that he did a very good job of it and that he was impressed by the work of Murat St.Vil. He is said to be a shy, reclusive person. His work is intricately detailed and contains an air of the magical. His paintings are scarce these days.
# 2554 Mario Montilus
16x20" Oil on Canvas.
" Enchanted Wedding"
1989. $850 Framed in natural wood. SOLD
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