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A Gallery of Haitian Art
SINCE 1974

This is Room 48c Haitian Art by Maxon Jean-Louis

Maxan was born in 1966 in Jeremie, Haiti. At some point he moved to Port-au-Prince, as had his older cousins Henri Jean-Louis and Eric Jean-Louis. First he did a stint as an apprentice bricklayer and then began painting.

According to the informative book, "Artistes Haitian" published by APAM, He originally, studying with Henri, painted "the pretty images of beloved Haiti." After the coup of 1991, which ousted Aristide, his work turned surreal and he began to chronicle events that were happening in Haiti, from Karnaval to cermonies, rapes, assassinations and political situations.

#1994 Maxon Jean- Louis
30x15" Oil on canvas
1996. $720 framed in painted wood.
#2403 Maxon Jean-Louis
"Apres li toune"
20x24" Oil on Canvas
1995 after the return of Ti-Tid
$1500 framed in painted wood
*Detail of a historic painting, depicting a time of general happiness for most Haitians, after
the Return of Aristide.

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