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SINCE 1974

This is Archives Room 54B . Haitian paintings by JAJ Luberisse.
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Luberisse is a relatively new arrival on the Haitian art scene. He is an Artibonite painter, talented enough to become the spiritual successor to the master Ismael. His work began to appear in Port-au-Prince in 2003.

#2450 JaJ. Luberisse
12x10" Acrylic on canvas
Nude with mirror
2004 $195 Framed
SOLD October 05
#2446 JaJ Luberisse
30x16" Acrylic on canvas
"Three Loa"
2004 $750 Framed in wood
SOLD! December 2005

* The photo does not convey the quality of this fabulous painting, nor of the one below. They are exquisitely detailed.

# 2447 JaJ Luberisse
30x16" Acrylic on Canvas
"Urbane Cherubs"
2004 $750 Framed in wood.
SOLD! November 05

This is a bizarre painting. There is quite an assortment of cherubs including 2 male couples who are also bi-racial. A few of the female ones are svelte and sexy. Not your typical angel painting.

#2630 JaJ. Luberisse
16x20" Acrylic on canvas
Nude with monkey
2004 $425 Framed
sold 4/09
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