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SINCE 1974

Artibonite Master Emmanuel Jean


Emmanuel was born in Peitite Riviere on 20 August ,1965 and as are all Artbonite painters, he was influenced by the master, Saintillus Ismael.
Emmanuel at the beginning was a talented painter doing beautiful renditions of life in the Artibonite.

After Papa Doc left in 1986 his paintings became more political and he sometimes added wise words to the paintings, inspirational slogans,
and hopeful messages. He also does wonderful vodou paintings

Emmanuel is also a kind, compassionate man; He sponsers a foundation that benefits children.


i love to sell his paintings


#3038. Jean Emmanuel
30x24 " Acrylic on canvas
"Tent Camp" 2011
$850 framed in wood, painted.
*detail below


#2975. Jean Emmanuel
8x10" Acrylic on canvas
"Marche" 2013
$125 framed in wood, painted

#3041 Jean Emmanuel
"Parade for Hope"
8x10" Acrylic on canvas
2013 $125 framed in painted wood
*detail below


" Since you have the flag (the future) we need life, with hope. Today is 'diswime"




#jnmsante Emmanuel Jean
"Sante" 24x16 acrylic on canvas
2010 $700 framed in painted wood
*details below

" Vive Health. If you don't have good health, you don't have life. Down with misery"

#3037 Emmanuel Jean
16x12" Acrylic on canvas
2013 " Cascade"
$175 framed in painted wood.


#3042 Emmanuel Jean
"Fe Cassave"
10x8" Acrylic on canvas
2013 $125 framed in wood