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A Gallery of Haitian Art
SINCE 1974

This is Room 92. Haitian Paintings by Jacques Valmidor.

Jacques Valmidor was born in Port-au-Prince on July 1, 1955. His older sister, Antoinette, better known as "Josie", was the cook and major domo at the Galerie Issa for more than 30 years.
As a child, Jacques came to the Galerie frequently and was exposed to the thousands of paintings that live there and the scores of artists that circulate through the place. He began to paint at a very early age and has proceeded with abandon. His subject matter varies widely, but all of his paintings have one thing in common: They are charged with humor and whimsy, they bring joy to the household and happiness to all who gaze upon them.

Jacques Valmidor passed away in 2004 .

The younger brother of Jacques, Frantzy Valmidor, is painting now

#GPJV. Jacques Valmidor
20x24""Acrylic on canvas
"Chickens in the Garden"
Ca. 1999 $450 unframed

#3052 Jacques Valmidor
16x20" Acrylic on canvas
"Noahs Ark"
ca 2000 $400 framed in painted wood


Below are two Valmidors that I bought from Issa in November 1994. I have never seen anything like them, before or since, from him. When I try to interpret them using Haiti as a starting point, I have no luck. They are so interesting however, you can see something new in them every time you look. BB

#JV1845 Jacques Valmidor
24x20" Acrylic on canvas
1994 $800 Framed in wood, painted black
SOLD October 2010

#JV2734 Jacques Valmidor
24x20" Acrylic on canvas
1994 1800 unframed
This is a fascinating Valmidor
Lots to figure out†


Work by Frantzy Valmidor

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