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Here is a list of Haitian artists that we normally stock. Our technical advisors, Pip and Flip, tell us that it is easier to put up all the names at the time we build the page. Therefore, you will notice that some of these links are not active. The first reason for this might be that we do not currently have work by a particular artist (but do expect to have some soon.) The second, and more likely reason, is that we have many, many paintings and are unable to get them all up on the web at one time. If you want to know which reason applies in any particular case, email us at galerie.macondo@gmail.com and we will tell you. We have the best intention to get a few new paintings up every week or so.

Also, for those of you who are not so familiar with the genre, we have made an attempt to classify the artists loosely by style or subject. These are loose categorizations, not something we would want to defend in art court, just an attempt to group the artists in some way. Some artists are in more than one category.

A note on artist biographies: the personal info that we include on artists pages may be culled from different books or from personal interviews with the artists. Whenever the information is from a book we will credit them by putting the book initials in parentheses after the biography. For particulars on the books, click the "books" button below.

Also we thought it might be helpful to classify the artists by price, so (1) is the least expensive and (4 ) is the top shelf stuff.

For an alphabetical listing of artists, click here

For an alphabetical listing of artists, click here
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