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A Gallery of Haitian Art
SINCE 1974

This is Room 21
The Art of Gelin Buteau

1954-2000 RIP

" The subject, good or evil, comes to me at night. I sketch it with a pencil and then go back to sleep. The next day I add the colors. This one's Queen Pipirit,
a zoizeaux" (bird) very, very vigilant, a very powerful lwa, Damballah. Each month he demands blood. He takes it without hurting me. I'm neither a houngan, (Vodou priest) nor a follower of Vodou. But God puts vodou in my head. The Lwa keep watch and force me to paint. Every day I paint my dreams. That's how I can feed my family and have a house." -Gelin Beateau, 1997

-From the wonderful book by Michelle Grandjean

#2860 Gelin Buteau
24x24" Acrylic on masonite
ca. early 1990's
$1200 framed in glossy black. Nicely framed.

Collection of Matthew Morris and Frank Svelha

#2854 Gelin Buteau
Ogun, Spirit of Fire"
24x24 " Acrylic on masonite
Ca. 1995
$1200 Nicely framed

Collection of Matthew Morris and Frank Svelha

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