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SINCE 1974

This is Room 33. A Haitian painting by Francoise Eliassaint

Francoise was born in Port-au-Prince in 1958. She was a companion to the living Haitian master Andre Normil and in the late 1990's, married him. Her paintings are richly detailed, like Byzantine icons and frequently pay homage to the female vodou loas.

#FEEL2. Francoise Eliassaint.
16x12" Acrylic on Canvas.
"Ezili Dantor"
1990 $650 Framed in wood, lilac.
#1278 Francoise Eliassaint
32x24" Acrylic on Canvas
"Twa Erzuli"
1991 $1200 Framed in wood, red.
#2545 Francoise Elliassaint.
24x20" Acrylic on canvas
"Madonna with Child"
1992 $1000 Self-framed
SALE! $800

* This painting does not require a frame. It is mounted on a concave stretcher which curves gracefully to the rear. Very nice effect.

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