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SINCE 1974
A gallery of Haitian Art

This is Room . A Haitian Painting by FilsRigaud Benoit

Rigaud Benoit is one of the seminal names in Haitian Art.

Fils Rigaud Benoit is the son of Rigaud. his mother isthe daughter of Hector Hyppolite to whom his father was married.

Sorry to say that I have no more biography on him.

Issa had few of his paintings around the gallery and I bought a few over the years.
They are restful and emanate calm into the room



To see some Rigaud Benoits click here.

#1199 Fils Rigaud Benoit
24x20" Oil on masonite
1970's $700 framed in wood Purchased from Issa 1984
SALE! $399




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