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SINCE 1974

This is Room 91B. A Haitian Painting by Edouard Vital.

Edouard Vital is the eldest son of Haitian master painter Pauleus Vital.

These pieces were all purchased around 1984 in the Ruelle Georges in Mattisant where there were a few expatriot artists from Jacmel working together. Edouard was there and Martino Gabriel, Lorcin Vital and occasionally, Maurice Vital. That is where I first saw the work of Theard Aladin.












#502. Edouard Vital
20x24" Oil on masonite
"Jacmel Waterfront"
1985 $400 framed in wood.



#3044 Edouard Vital
20x24 " oil on canvas
"Macoutes, before 2/7/86"
$500 framed in painted wood



#3048 Edouard Vital
"Cain & Abel"
30x24 Oil on canvas
1986 Framed in painted wood $600



HAITIAN Art:Food for the Spirit