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SINCE 1974
A gallery of Haitian Art
This is Room 24 Haitian Art by Gabriel Coutard

Coutard was born in the small port city of St. Marc in 1965. His parents are farmers. He moved to Port-au-Prince at an early age and began painting under the direction of Gabriel Alix, his uncle. He is a journeyman jungle painter but he has avoided looking formulized; Each of his paintings looks as though he put a great deal of care into them and each has an original look.

#2488 Gabriel Coutard
8x10" Acrylic on Canvas
"2 Tigers"
2005 $85 Framed in wood, painted green
# 2492 Gabriel Coutard
10x8"Acrylic on Canvas
"Gray Tigers"
2005 $85 framed. in thin black Haitian frame
#2745 Gabriel Coutard
8x10"Acrylic on Canvas
" Duck Couple'
2009 $95
Framed in wood, painted green

#2924 Gabriel Coutard
"Leopard Couple"
8x10" on canvas
2005 $85 framed in thin Haitian frame


#2925 Gabriel Coutard
"Snuggling Panthers"
8x10 on canvas
$85 framed in thin wood, Haitian made
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