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This is Room 23 Haitian Art by Fritzner Chery.

Fritzner Chery was born in Bainet, Haiti on April 14, 1947. He came to Port-au-Prince at age 10 and studied to be an auto mechanic after completing school. In 1963 he began working at the Galerie Monnin on the Grand Rue as a framer and packer. He would make you a beautiful package no matter what the size or shape. And he was always smiling, except when you were trying to take his picture. In 1986 he began painting, inspired by his neighbor, the painter Paul Beauvoir and by J. E. Gourgue, a friend. He lost interest after a year or so but continued to work at the gallery . In 1995 he began to paint again and developed into one of the best of the dwindling number of untrained Haitian artists, although he has not yet quit his day job, perhaps because he has twelve children.

On July 15, 2013 Fritzner passed away, felled by diabetes. He was an institution at the gallery, a cheerful constant.
Bon Voyage, Fritzner, mesi ampil. We will miss you.


#2916 Fritzner Chery
"Five Birds and a Pony"
24x30" Oil on canvas
2004 $650 framed in wood.

#2727 Fritzner Chery
40x40" on canvas
" Paradise"
2009 $1500 framed in wood, painted red.
Sale! $1200
Haitian Art: Food for the Spirit†®

Fritzner and his daughter, Joanne, 2011

In 2005, Brad and Angelina were in Haiti with Wyclef Jean, who commissioned Fritzner to do a painting of them as Adam & Eve with their two children in Paradise. The painting made it into People Magazine, January 2006 issue.