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A Gallery of Haitian Art
SINCE 1974

This is Room 22 . Haitian Art by Etienne Chavannes
According to the informative book, Haiti: 3 Visions, Chavannes was born in Cap Haitien, Haiti on July 15, 1939. His father was a merchant, buying and selling large quantities of coffee and cocoa for export. His mother was a seamstress. Some other books report that Chavannes studied with Philome Obin in 1967, but in the Three Visions book, he claims to have started painting in 1971, after a stint working for SNEM, the malaria eradication program. He claims Nehemy Jean as his mentor.

Chavannes is immediately identifiable as a Cap Haitian Artist but at the same time his work is highly individualistic. " I don't paint things as I see them with my eyes, but as I see them with my mind", he says.

#513 Etienne Chavannes
24x30" Oil on masonite.
"The Funeral of Philome Obin"
$1500 framed in wood
SALE $900

The painting is signed and titled "Enterrement Philome Obin"

#087 Etienne Chavannes
20x24" oil on Masonite
1980 $700 framed
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If you are interested in Chavannes, and you do not already own the book, Haiti, 3 Visions,
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It's a beautiful little book that was the catalog for the 1994 show presented by Jonathan Demme at the Ramapo College of NJ.
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