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A Gallery of Haitian Art

SINCE 1974

Celeur, Gran Rue. 2005 photo©bill bollendorf
Jean-Herard Celeur is a senior member of Atis Rezistans, a group who live and work in the neighborhood of Gran Rue in downtown Port-au-Prince. Celeur started working with wood as a child, sanding and staining tourist items. Eventually he learned wood carving and later started adding found items to his work and entered the world of fine art.

It's a busy area, alive with the sounds of woodworkers, auto mechanics, printing presses and other small enterprises, all of which generate refuse, used up junk. Celeur and the other ingenious artists of the Gran Rue, collect the old tires and engine blocks, mufflers, fans and radiators and transform them into mystical figures, masks, and other assemlages which pay homage to the Gods of Haitian Vodou as well as addressing social and historical issues. The artists' ateliers are bulging beyond capacity so the art spills out into the neighborhood; There are hundreds and hundreds of these sculptures standing in alleys and hanging on walls., Intense and hilarious art is everywhere, a permanent, living exhibit for people who do not frequent museums.

JHC01 Jean Herad Celeur
"Mystical Union, Dambala, Gede, Bossou and the American Eagle "
24X24" Housepaint on plywood, detailed with a nail.
2006 $600 Framed in wood, painted.
SALE! $450 SOLD August 2011
"Dambala Phallic Mask"
17x6x5" Carved wood, nails, rubber tire, metal mesh and other hardware"
Made in Haiti 2005 $400 SOLD 2009
#JHCERZ. Jean-Herard Celeur
"Homage to Erzuli, Goddess of Love"
24x24x9" deep. Barbie dolls, shredded tires, mattress springs, nails and spray paint on 1/4 " plywood.
2006 $2700
Jean Herard Celeur 2009 Gran Rue. photo © Bill Bollendorf
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