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Another Haitian Art Book

Artistes en Haiti; Cent Parmi d'Autres by Michele Grandjean. (CPA) Published at the end of 1997, this is a great book about Haitian Art. It features 100 Haitian artists. The nice thing about this book is that all of the artists are currently living and working in Haiti except for one or two. Mme. Grandjean includes lots of young artists and many artists who might be considered to be "commercial" by some snobby experts .

The book has photographs of most of the artists and the best thing is that each artist makes an interesting statement about their art or their lives . The book is written in French so it is also a good way to improve your language skills.

Paperback. 118 Pages.
Color reproductions
French $60. plus $8 shipping (USA)

* We are now sold out of this book and since it is out of print, will not be receiving more. our understanding is that there is a new edition of this book coming sometime soon. We will keep you posted.


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