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SINCE 1974

This is Room . Haitian Art by Pierrot Barra

Pierrot Barra was a visionary constructeur of Vodou icons who worked out of the Iron Market in downtown Port-au-Prince. He worked with textiles, discarded dolls, toys and all manner of plastic and rubber novelties that came his way, assembling them into powerful representations of Vodou spirits which he adorned with charms, sequins, glitter, beads, crosses and anything else that seemed appropriate. Sadly, Barra died in 1999 at the age of 57, and even more tragically, many of his sculptures were destroyed when religious fanatics looted them from a temporary Museum in Port-au-Prince and fed them to a bonfire on the day after Jean-Bertrand Aristide fled Haiti in the winter of 2004. He worked with his wife, Marie Cassaise, who can still be found working in their stall in the market. For an in-depth look at Barra and Marie, see the insightful book, "Vodou Things", by Donald Cosentino.

#PBPW. Pierrot Barra
41x14" Mixed media
1995 $4500

This piece was exhibited in Nottingham, England beginning in October 2012. and appears in the catalog of the same name.
The show is: Kafou: Haiti, Art and Vodou

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