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A Gallery of Haitian Art

SINCE 1974

This is Room 29
Haitian Paintings by Claude Dambreville

M. Dambreville was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on December 17, 1934. After finishing secondary school he became a writer and radio journalist, while associating mainly with artists and literary people. He is married to the daughter of the late, great Haitian masterpainter Petion Savain. At age 34, he decided to learn to paint and joined the Centre d'Art. He continued to write and in 1983 was awarded the Prix Deschamps, Haiti's prestigious literary award for his book, "Un Gout de Fiel", A Taste of Bile, ( A Bitter Taste?). He has published numerous books and articles since then, while also managing to maintain a presence as one of Haiti's most prominent painters. There are few artists in Haiti who have a style so distinct as to be recognizable from 50 yards; Dambreville is one of them. His paintings of market women are accurate representaions of the Madame Sarahs that are everywhere in Haiti.

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#CDJG 2801 Claude Dambreville
30x24" Oil on Canvas
1973 $2700 in off-white frame
Wonderful old Dambreville purchased from the artist in Haiti in 1973.

#CDPP Claude Dambreville
"Market Street"
40x60" Oil on Canvas
Early 1980's $6000 framed in white wood, with gold liner
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