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SINCE 1974

This is Room 14C . More Haitian Art By Wilson Bigaud
HAITIAN ART: Food for the Spirit.
#WBRF. Wilson Bigaud
24x 48" Oil on masonite
"The Ancestor"
Dated 29/12/60 $8500 framed in wide wooden frame.

Here's an interesting Bigaud. It has been widely written that Bigaud suffered a nervous breakdown in 1957 and did not paint again until the mid 1960's. This painting is dated 29/12/1960. An authoritive source in Haitian Art has told me that Bigaud did experiment with a more modern style before he stopped painting completely. The lettering in the signature is different from the signature on other paintings of this vintage, block letters instead of cursive. Different style, different signature.

The painting belongs to the man who purchased it in 1961. He and his wife were on a cruise that stopped in Haiti and they went to the Centre D'Art, loved the painting and bought it. As they were making their way back to the ship, they were hailed by a well-dressed man who said that they had gotten the last Bigaud and offered to buy it from them at twice the price they had paid. They declned and boarded the boat and have lived happily with the painting in Connecticut ever since. Interesting story, interesting painting.

Frame detail and adulterated signature
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