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Haitian Paintings by Theard Aladin

Theard Aladin was born in Jacmel, Haiti on October 12, 1925. For most of his life he was a stonemason. At the end of 1983, he injured his back and was unable to continue his trade. For months he languished, doing odd jobs and looking for a way to support his wife and seven children

In the fall of 1984 he had a dream that told him that he was an artist. Theard was a cousin to the renowned Haitian painters Prefete Duffaut and Pauleus Vital. He painted his first painting the next day , and for the next two years painted in a small house on the Ruelle George in Carrefour, in the company of a group of other transplanted Jacmellians, Maurice Vital, Martino Gabriel and Lorcin Vital, as well as the son of Pauleus, Edouard Vital.

Theard was an unschooled naive. He painted scenes that were typical in the life of an working class Haitian, as well as voodoo ceremonies and political statements. His paintings are innocent and charming, as was he.

In 1987 He moved with his family to a small house on the top of a limestone cliff overlooking Carrefour, where he lived and worked until his untimely death from heart disease at 7am on Tuesday, August 17, 1993.


#752 Theard Aladin
24x16" Oil on masonite.
"Bassin Bleu"
1988 $900 Framed in painted wood.
SOLD June 2009
#495 Theard Aladin
24x16" Oil on masonite
"A Bird in the Hand..."
1986 $900 Framed in painted wood.
#837 Theard Aladin
24x16" Oil on masonite
"Picking figs"
1988 $900 framed in painted wood. SOLD JUne 2009
#1041 Theard Aladin
20x24" Oil on masonite
"Hotel Dambala"
1989 $1800 framed in wood, painted
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