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A Gallery of Haitian Art

SINCE 1974

This is Room 13B . Works by Tamara Baussan

Tamara Baussan was born in Bakou, Russia in 1909 where she studied painting as a child. In the late 1920's, she traveled to Paris to study at the Ecole des Beaux Arts where she met and later married Robert Baussan, a Haitian who was studying Architecture. They moved to Haiti in 1931, or 1942, depending on which source you read, and were important collaborators in the founding of the Centre d'Art in 1944. According to Gerard Alexis in his book "Peintres Haitiens", she was a member, along with Andree Naude and Michele Manuel, of the Atelier de la Tete de l'Eau, where they worked side by side for some years

Tamara Baussan died in Petionville in 1999

#TBTRSL. Tamara Baussan
"Still Life with leaves"
16x12.5" Pastel on paper. ( Framed size 22.5x18.75)
1973. $1250 framed under glass. SALE! $600 SOLD

* NB One corner of the frame is slightly separated and requires repair.

#TBTRPL. Tamara Baussan
Palette; oil on masonite
1991 $1000 unframed. SALE! $400 SOLD

* This palette was acquired by the current owner, a friend of the artist, on a visit to Mrs. Baussan's studio in Haiti in 1991.

#TBTRPEN. Tamara Baussan
9.5x 12.75 Pen & Ink on paper
1973 $1250 Framed under glass, framed size, 18.75x15"

*details below

* The pinkish smudge in the pig is the reflection of the photographer's hand
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