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This is Room 57 B, Haitian Paintings by Madsen Mompremier

Madsen Mompremier was born in Gonaives, Haiti on August 12, 1952. In 1973 he started to paint as a student of Gerard Valcin. Originally, Mompremier painted delightful scenes of everyday Haitian life, peasants in their villages and cane fields. Around 1975 he found a style which he has now been refining for more than thirty years; painting Voudou Gods with great majesty and precision. His favorite one is Erzulie, Goddess of Love, in her incarnation as La Sirene. Coincidentally, he was married to a woman named Erzulie, also an artist who was killed in the earthquake, a huge tragedy for Mompremier

A beautiful Mompremier was in the "Mami Wata" show in DC, Spring 2009

#MMMR. Madsen Mompremier
20x24" Acrylic on canvas
" La Sirene on Horseback"
ca. 1997 $2900 framed in carved Haitian frame.
SOLD $2500

* There are two small linen patches on the reverse of the piece where it has been repaired, but expertly, as there is no trace of the repair apparent on the front of the painting.

#2917 Madsen Mompemier
"Agoue, Dantor and Freda"
8x10" Oil on canvas
2011 $500 framed in painted wood.
#2918 Madsen Mompremier
"Ti moun"
10x8" Oil on canvas
2011 $500
#2887 Madsen Mompremier
20x24 Oil on canvas
' Birth'
2011 $3200. Unframed.
#2888 Madsen Mompremier
"Danse" 2011
24x20" Oil on canvas
$3200 unframed
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