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A Gallery of Haitian Art
SINCE 1974

This is Room 92A. Haitian Paintings by Frantzy Valmidor.

The Next generation...

Frantzy Valmidor was born in Port-au-Prince. He is a younger brother of the late, great, JacquesValmidor .
Frantzy's aunt, Antoinette, better known as "Josie", was the cook and major domo at the Galerie Issa for more than 30 years
and a wonderful artist in her own right.

As a child, Frantzy came to the Galerie frequently and was exposed to the thousands of paintings that live there and the scores of artists that circulate through the place. Frantzy, has begun to paint recently, since the passing of Jacques, he is making pleasant, positive, paintings; whimsical paintings that are relatively inexpensive and delghtful.
It will be interesting to watch him grow.


# 2994 Frantzy Valmidor
16x12 "Acrylic on canvas
"Pink Owl Trio"
framed in painted wood

#2994 Frantzy Valmidor
16x12" Acrylic on canvas
"Yellow Owl Trio"
2012 $140 framed in painted wood

#3039 Frantzy Valmidor
20x24" acrylic on canvas
2014 $240 framed in painted wood

#FV2996 FrantzycValmidor
12x16 " Acrylic on canvas
2013 $140 framed in painted wood


#FV3000 Frantzy Valmidor
"Roosters "
12x16" oil on canvas
2013 $140
framed in painted wood.

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