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A Gallery of Haitian Art
SINCE 1974

Reynald Joseph 2009 Photo © Bill Bollendorf
This is Room 50A Haitian paintings by Reynald Joseph

Reynald Joseph was born in Port-au_Prince on July 4, 1973. According to most biographies his father is the well-known artist Wilfrid Louis. When I ran into Reynald in April 2009, he urged me to tell the world that Wilfrid Louis is not his father, but his mentor, with whom he studied and by whom he is inspired. Both are notable impressionists who portray the everyday life of Haiti with great sensitivity.

His work is also reminiscent of Carlo Jean-Jacques and Yves Michaud.

The paintings below were acquired at a very good price. We are selling them below market value so that more people can afford them and we can disseminate more of this magical art.
#RJ 2631
16x20 Acrylic on canvas
2006 $600 framed in wood, painted
#2906 Reynald Joseph
"Rue Legliz"
30x40" Acrylic on canvas
2003 $2000 professionally framed in green wood.
SALE! $900
Details below.
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