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SINCE 1974
A Gallery of Haitian Art

This is Room 59a. 2 vintage paintings by Andre Normil

Andre Normil was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on September 26, 1934. He joined the Centre d'Art in 1951. Besides being a technical genius, Normil is a sharp-eyed observer of the subtleties of Haitian culture. His paintings are often populated with likenesses of friends and are a delight to behold. Normil has been accused of being "commercial" and it is true that he does tend to repeat certain subjects, such as Carnival, Noahs Ark, Paradise and Weddings, because the demand for them is high. His monumental canvasses, however, depicting historical scenes or brothels or dechouke, are breathtaking. For decades, he worked in a small room on the ground floor of the Galerie Issa on the Rue du Chile in Port-au-Prince. Normil is married to the painter Francoise Elliassaint. He habitually puts three dots in a triangular pattern near his signature. The dots tell us that he is a freemason.

Andre Normil passed away on May 2, 2014,
after a long illness. He will be missed.
Normil was a giant in the annals of Haitian Art
He was a person of great humor,
as is everyone at the el Saieh Gallery
His paintings are delicious for the spirit.
We will never forget you Andre.
Mesi ampil Papa! Ampil! bo voyaj!

ANCN. Andre Normil
24x30" Oil on Canvas
1980's framed in simple Haitian frame
Price on Request SOLD
All profits from the sale of the above painting will be donated to Mission Haiti

#2831 Andre Normil
16x20" Oil on Canvas
"Still Life"
1968 POR framed as shown
*detail below
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