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SINCE 1974

This is Room 17. Haitian market paintings by Jean-Claude Blanc.

Jean-Claude Blanc was born in Cap-Haitian on April 24, 1965. His father is a gardener and distiller of clairin?, a powerful rum favored by Haitians with limited cocktail budgets.
His mother is a"marchande" of vegetables. Beginning in 1983 he was a member of Arc-en-Ciel, the art commune organized by Laetitia Schutt in Cap Haitian. He currently lives in Port-au-Prince. (CPA)

#2022 Jean-Claude Blanc
12x16" Acrylic on canvas
1998 $185 framed in painted wood, blue
SOLD! February 06
#2465 Jean-Claude Blanc
12x16" Acrylic on canvas
2004. $200 framed in wood, lilac.
SOLD 5/07
#2466 Jean-Claude Blanc
16x20" Acrylic on canvas
2004 $300 Framed in wood, blue

SOLD 12/06

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