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SINCE 1974

This is Room 41A Haitian Art by Alexander Gregoire.

Alexandre Gregoire was born in Jacmel, in the south of Haiti on August 29, 1922.
As a youth he played the saxophone in the Haitian Army Band, and on the day of his release from the army, he joined the band at the National Palace. He held this position until 1968 when he turned to painting at the urging of his friends Prefete Duffaut and Pierre-Joseph Valcin. His paintings are touching and humorous representations of daily life in Haiti. In an interview with Michele Grandjean for the book " Artistes en Haiti", M. Gregoire says, " My life is a prayer and the painting is a sister to the prayer." He is one of the few pure naive artists left in Haiti. If you have a painting by Gregoire on your wall, you will be happy.

He died in Haiti on July 28. 2001

# 2451 Alexandre Gregoire
20x24" Acrylic on canvas.
"Pink Birds"
1998 $1450 Framed in wood.
#710AGGP. Alexandre Gregoire
"Christophe to the Citadel"
39x60" Acrylic on canvas
1987 $6300 framed in wood
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