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SINCE 1974

This is Room 29A Haitian Paintings by Nicolas Dreux

Nicolas Dreux was born on March 10, 1956 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He began to paint as a student of Calixte Henri in 1973. He works with a razor blade; laying on the paint thick in spots and scraping it to tranparency elsewhere. After this he accents some elements of the painting with the corner of the blade.

Dreux has been out of commisssion for a few years, having suffered some difficulties of the mental type. He has recently started painting again and is doing wonderful paintings- sophisticated little gems.

Dreux is a lovely man.

Nicholas Dreux 2007. Photo by Bill Bollendorf
#2756 Nicholas Dreux
10x13" Acrylic on masonite
2009 $150 framed

#2677 Nicolas Dreux
"Chair with Butterfly"
8x6" Acrylic on masonite
2007 $100 framed in painted wood.
SOLD February 2008



#2975 Nicolas Dreux
oil on board 14x13.5
2009 $175 framed in painted wood

#2766 Nicholas Dreux
16x12" Acrylic on masonite
"Still Life with window"
2009 $225 Framed in painted wood. SOLD March 2010
#2679 Nicholas Dreux
10x8" Acrylic on masonite
"Chair with Cat and Hat"
2007 $125 framed in painted wood.SOLD April 2008
#2675 Nicholas Dreux
8x10 acrylic on board
2007 Quiet Village
$125 framed in painted wood
Sold Jan 2010
To view the Dreux Archives, paintings that are not for sale, click here.
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