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SINCE 1974

Didier Civil, November 2009. Photo © Bill Bollendorf
This is Room . Haitian Art by Didier Civil

Civil was born in Jacmel, Haiti on February 20, 1973; He studied a classic curriculum at the Christian Brothers school there and began to draw at an early age. By 1990 he was exhibiting paintings at various galleries in Jacmel. His work was exhibited in the Jonathan Demme show, "Island on Fire", in 1994 in New York and appears in the exhibit catalog, which remains one of the most informative books on Haitian art.

He has been, unfortunately, one of he best kept secrets in Haitian art; His work has not been widely available outside of Jacmel but has been collected for years by discriminating buyers who have seen it there. Civil is a shrewd observer of the Haitian culture and frequently focuses on it's underside, calling attention to the plight of the less fortunate, like street kids and homeless families. He also paints vodou subjects, seeming to favor the Gede family, the spirits of the afterlife. He mastered his craft long ago but continues to experiment with different styles, sometimes with mixed results but always with integrity.

Civil works also in papier-mache, having worked with Lyonel Simonis, a pioneer of the high- art carnaval masks for which Jacmel is famous. In 2005 He founded CFAJ, an artist co-op which provides support to painters and mask makers. He is making considerable contributions to the vibrant art scene in Jacmel .

In 2007, his work was exhibited at the Monserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA, and in Chicago at the shoe "Vodou Riche" and at the Seattle Central Community College.

In 2010 his papier-mache Gedes were selected to lead the Greenwich Village Halloween parade
Currently, October 2012 his work is prominently featured in the landmark show at the Fowler Museum
"In Extremis, Death and Life in 21st Century Haitian Art"

#2685 Didier Civil
60x40" Acrylic on canvas
"Le Hounfort"
2006 $1800 unframed $2000 framed in painted wood
#2686 Didier Civil
60x40"Acrylic on canvas
"Gran Brigit"
2006 $1800 unframed, $2000 Framed in painted wood.
#2762 Didier Civil
30x30 Acrylic on Canvas
2010 $2000 framed in painted wood,
SOLD March 2010
#2773 Didier Civil
50x30" Acrylic on Canvas
"Famille Gede"
2009-10 $3000 Framed in wood, painted black
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