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This is Archives Room 15A, Haitian Paintings by Andre Blaise
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Ti-Andre Blaise is the youngest of the four Blaise brothers who have been well-known painters, and with Serge Moleon, is one of the two who are still alive. The other two were the internationally known St. Louis Blaise who died at age 38 of a rare blood disease (which was not AIDS) and Fabolon Blaise, who passed at age 28 of an untreated stomach ulcer .

Andre was born in Cap Haitien in January 1961 although he does not know the date, according to the excellent book Artistes en Haiti, by Michele Grandjean.

His mother was a vendor of fruits and vegetables and his father was a mechanic and tax collector in the markets of LeCap. By the time he was 12, Andre was in Carrefour, Port-au-Prince, painting in the company of his famous brothers. In the Blaise atelier it was not uncommon for more than one brother to work on the same painting. After experimenting with various styles, Andre seemed to have settled on a subject-fish. He portrays them with human characteristics , great humor and the technical virtuosity that is characteristic of the Blaise family. In early 2003, he began painting beautiful, mystical landscapes. He has two children and lives in Port-au-Prince


#2364 Andre Blaise
11.5x14" Acrylic on masonite
"Mystical lanscape in Browns"
2003 $240 framed in painted wood, Cocoa colored
SOLD 12/04
#2453 Andre Blaise
"Watching the Rider"
8x10" Acrylic on Masonite
2004 $150 Framed in painted wood, Purple
SOLD 12/04
#2454 Andre Blaise
" Strolling Couple"
8x10" Acrylic on Masonite
2004 $150 Framed in painted wood, Antiqued Purple.
SOLD 12/04
#2455 Andre Blaise
8x10 Acrylic on Masonite
2004 $150 Framed in painted wood, Dark Purple
SOLD 12/04
#2440 Andre Blaise
"Colonial Soldier"
16x12" Acrylic on masonite
$2003 $240 framed in painted wood, cocoa colored.
SOLD April 05.
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