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A Gallery of Haitian Art
SINCE 1974

This is Room 39a, A wood sculpture by Roger Francois

Roger Francois was born around 1928 in Petite Riviere, on the Artibonite plain of central Haiti. He began as a wood sculptor and may still carve occasionally.

He has been painting as well since the early sixties. He loves to paint and sculpt Haitian women, both nudes and market women with baskets and braids. Besides women, M. Francois paints animals: cats, dogs, horses and owls, and in the early 1990’s, began painting sun and moon heads on human bodies. He also does an occasional surreal voodoo painting. His style is robust, bold and always fresh and new. He is a charming, explosively good natured man . A painting of his hangs in the National Museum, Brussels, Belgium and another was exhibited in the show of Geoffrey Holder’s collection, "Spirits" at the Katonah Museum of Art, (NY) in May 1991. His work has appeared in books and museum shows internationally.
He is one of Haitian art's best kept secrets.

Roger Francois passed away last weekend, around February 10. He created some of Haiti's most wonderful art for 60 years. he was in a class by himself.

Bon Voyage Roger.

RFFCD. Roger Francois
"Ti Moun"
20" high, 13" wide.
ca. 1980's $1500
This wonderful piece was acquired from Issa el Saieh, the lifetime dealer of Roger Francois. Maybe in the mid- 70's. It was purchased by a close friend of Issa and went to live in the cosmopolitan North. In 1983 it was bought by a lady from Montreal and has resided there since.
This image is technically off kilter. There is no blue in the sculpture.
Ti moun's current owner says, "Ti Moun is not wearing a shirt!!He is wrapped in vines and the details of his body are concealed."
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