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A Gallery of Haitian Art

SINCE 1974

Frantz Zephirin. " The Resurrection of the Dead" 2007 New Yorker cover January 25, 2010
Here are some paintings that are offered, some at reduced prices, with a high percentage of the proceeds going to Haitian relief. We would prefer to donate the funds to one of the small organizations listed on this page as they are not getting as many donations as the more prominent relief organizations.
#JEM 2570. Jean Emmanuel
12x16" Acrylic on canvas
"Sa se dans ikon" 2006
$240 framed in wood, painted green
$160 to Haiti. SOLD Feb. 2010
#2632 Dumerlus Jeune
10x20" Acrylic on canvas
2006 $240 framed in painted wood
Sale $200 $120 to Haiti
SOLD 2/5/10
#2634 Dumerlus Jeune
8x18" Acrylic on canvas
"Sawing wood"
2006 $225 Framed in painted wood
$125 to Haiti SOLD
Feb 2010

# 2799 Edouard Jean
12x16, Oil on Masonite
"Weaving Baskets"
1993 $360 framed.
SALE $300. $150 to Haiti
SOLD March 2010

* Later in his career, Edouard was painting these wonderful interiors, the ideal kitchen painting.

#728 Dieuseul Paul
24x24 Acrylic on canvas
1987 framed $850
SALE$750 $150 to Haiti
SOLDFEb. 2010
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