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SINCE 1974

Frantz Zephirin. " The Resurrection of the Dead" 2007 New Yorker cover January 25, 2010
Below are some small, mostly art oriented organizations who are helping in Haiti. All of them are known to me personally and all are run by honest, committed people who are in love with Haiti and who have no desire to profit personally from their efforts. Your donations will be put to the best possible use. Most of these orgs are not well known, thus not getting much funding, but they are at ground zero and fully functioning. They do not need to have assesment meetings.
Fondam. Founded in 2002 by the Monnin family to honor their daughter, Dallas, who was killed in a tragic accident at age 21, the primary focus of FONDAM is reforestation, "Save the mountains to save ourselves." Recently, FONDAM has begun holding weekend civic education classes for primary school children, teaching them to take responsibilty for the environment and giving them a sense of pride in who they are, thus elevating their self-image. These classes are voluntary, on Saturday mornings, and the ones I attended in November were packed to the rafters by kids eager to learn.
The Monnin family has run a prestigious gallery in Haiti since the 1950's . They have always treated their artists like family. After the earthquake they decided to allocate all donations to assisting the artists of the gallery and other needy people in Port-au-Prince.

This makes them a first responder in my book. Website here. The donate button is at the bottom right of the page It is tax deductible.

None of your money will be wasted.. They continue their work in Port Salut as well.


cArt Creation Foundation for Children founded 2002 by Judy Hoffman, to provide meals and art materials to Jacmel kids. Website here

Zanmi Lakay. Founded in 1997 by Jennifer Cheek Pantaleon, a bay area photographer who holds photography workshops for street kids. Website here

College Suisse was founded in 1976 in Jacmel. It is administered by a Swiss national, Gottfreid Krauchi, who moved to Haiti in 1974, married a Haitian woman and has 4 children. Gottfried has neither a car, refrigerator or tv. He lives like a Haitian and is a treasure, as is the school, which wins awards for academic excellence regularly. The school was badly damaged in the earthquake and needs to be rebuilt. Website here
Artists of the Gran Rue
. A community of artists and their neighbors, poor working people, in an artistic ghetto in PaP. This area was particularly hard hit. Website here.

Friends of HAS. The Albert Schweitzer Hospital, founded by Pittsburghers Larry and Gwen Mellon have been ministering to rural Haitians since 1954. Website here.

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