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A Haitian Art Gallery

SINCE 1974

This is Room 22a

Haitian Art by J. Charlemagne

Charlemagne painted, for his short career, at Issa's gallery. He left Haiti for New York in the 70's and got a job washing dishes at a major museum, MOMA or the Metropolitan. After a short time, he managed to get in to see the museum director and pitched him to do a solo show. The director must have declined and I suppose that Charlemagne, Jean or Jacques. went back to the kitchen and then moved on to better things.

Charlemagnes paintings rare and special. They exude 100% of the MDR of positive energy.

If anyone knows of his whereabouts, I would be happy to know.

#2406 J. Charlemagne
20x24" Oilon masonite
" Still Life with Corossol
ca. 1973 framed $600
SALE! $350


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