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A Gallery of Haitian Art

SINCE 1974

This is Quonset Hut #2C


The paintings on this page I acquired in various ways, trades maybe or outright gifts to me or fleamarkets and auctions
They are largely anonymous but all are great examples of their genre

I have accunulated many paintings in 37 years. It has taken that long for me to decide which ones
I should keep and which I should offer for sale. So here a a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

Haitian Art: Food for the Spirit

#3108 F. Joseph
"By the Sea"
16x24 Oil on canvas
1968 $100
* this painting has some flaking but has been varnished so it is stable.

This is a very nice painting. From maybe the 60's. It is signed illiegibly but today some would paint over the signature, and sign it P. Savain. It's that good. 10x8" Sale. $75 SOLD

#2954 Decourelle Gourgue
12x16 oil on canvas
D. Gougue is the brother or maybe cousin of J-E Gourgue



#2973 Daniel
15x10" Oil on canvas
"Picking Cotton.
1970's in carved Haitian farme